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Romantic Rendezvous

The perfect experience for couples celebrating Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a honeymoon or who just want to spice up the ordinary routine!

Each partner will roll the die and move ahead on the same path or parallel paths (their choice) along the game board. Each follows the instructions on the board which range from communicating thoughts and feelings to physical acts of affection and intimacy.

Players may include the Romance Cards in the game by choosing one (and completing the activity) when landing on a "Pick" space, or not include the Romance Cards and instead do the activity on the "Pick" space.

The game ends when one player rolls the die to land on the Finish space exactly. Players may then choose from two romantic special endings.

To play the Romantic Rendezvous Card Game by itself, players take turns choosing cards from the card deck and completing an activity that requires five to ten minutes.

There are five different variations on the game. Romantic Rendezvous includes a deck of 54 activity cards, a high-quality game board, two tokens, one die, and easy-to-follow instructions.

For two players. Note: This game is appropriate for adults only. For ages 18 and up.

Item: Romantic Rendezvous
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